A 20+ Years Relationship Prepares Our Construction Client to Build for the Future

By Jim Leonard

Framing the future for Jubilee Builders began with a Marketing Action Plan in 2006.

A 20+ Years Relationship Prepares Our Construction Client to Build for the Future


Framing the future for Jubilee Builders began with a Marketing Action Plan (MAP) in 2006. The MAP created a fully integrated, customized strategy for the new company that put them on the path to making their goals a reality. From there, our long and successful relationship has included a strategic, multi-layered approach to building their business through solid branding, sophisticated digital marketing, and clever traditional advertising efforts.


Jubilee Builders’ unique approach to homebuilding is based on the promise of a high-quality home built to customers' needs, on their land, at a price that’s lower than the competition. From its beginnings, Jubilee has been focused on building affordable homes in south Alabama and the Florida Panhandle. Their brand and original logo, created so many years ago, embraced this purpose with graphic simplicity, a friendly tone of voice, and an eco-friendly color palette.

In 20 years, however, so much of the homebuilding industry has changed. Buyers were looking for increasing flexibility. A revisit to the goals of the Marketing Action Plan called for an update to the brand and would signal an update to how Jubilee delivered its services—still cost-conscious but more flexible and eco-friendly. A 20th-anniversary logo would celebrate the company’s success and reassure new families in search of an experienced homebuilder through the addition of customer testimonials. The MAP update identified do-it-yourself homebuyers as a target audience that was potentially untapped in their industry.

Original Logo

Updated Anniversary Logo


The growth of the DIY movement and home improvement industry taught consumers they were no longer dependent on a homebuilder to turnkey their new home. Today’s customers are seeking more flexibility, more ways to save, and more energy-efficiency options.


Jubilee Builders created options that appeal to the homeowner that prefers a more hands-on approach and can do some of the finish work themselves or coordinate with resources available to execute. An updated website helped educate potential homebuyers about their DIY Equity Now Program, offering homeowners additional ways to customize their Jubilee home as well as save money.

Video testimonials were produced—hitting all the pain points of each buyer persona.

After launching the new website, web pages viewed per session increased by 18.5%, and time spent on the site increased by 3.6%.

Targeted social media campaigns were used to educate homeowners, showcase build progress and recruit team members. 

Services Delivered

  • Marketing Action Plan
  • Branding 
  • Copywriting 
  • Environmental Graphics 
  • Art Direction & Graphic Design 
  • Marketing Strategy 
  • Media Management 
  • Media Planning 
  • Pay Per Click 
  • Photography 
  • Search Engine Optimization 
  • Social Media Management 
  • Videography  
  • Website Design 
  • Website Development

“I have used Stamp since starting my company in 2000. They created a strong brand and have adapted our strategies through an ever changing marketing landscape. Stamp has been a key player in helping us grow our organization.” 

                Peyton Thomas, Owner