Rebranding Standard, a 7-Decade Old Commercial Roofing Company

By Camille Leonard

A holistic rebranding effort and website launch recasts Standard Roofing as Standard Commercial Roofing & Envelope Solutions.

Rebranding Standard, a 7-Decade Old Commercial Roofing Company


In 2018, 73-year-old Standard Roofing Company came to Stamp for help to reinvigorate their brand. Through the years, the focus of their business had expanded well beyond roof coverings into total commercial building envelope solutions and maintenance programs. The company image needed to reflect these changes.


Despite Standard’s need to bring its branding efforts into this millennium, the company had an excellent reputation and a strong tradition of service to build upon. So, first and foremost, the new branding and marketing needed to reinforce a continued commitment to upholding this reputation. Holding on to some of the elements of the old brand, like its signature color, tone of voice and personality was part of the brand strategy.


  • Standard Roofing had evolved over many years to deliver more than just roofing services to their customers, however, awareness of new services was low.
  • Building Envelope was a more inclusive description of the services Standard had evolved to deliver to commercial customers but focus groups informed that “Building Envelope” was not a familiar term across all of Standard’s Target Audiences.
  • The Target Audiences identified through the MAP development process that needed to be reached were diverse and not reachable using traditional media. Standard wanted to keep the geographical reach for their prospecting efforts limited to a three-hour driving radius of each of their satellite offices.


Stamp conducted a Marketing Action Plan (MAP) and, from those insights, delivered comprehensive rebranding and digital communications efforts.

  • Stamp consulted through the process of rebranding Standard Roofing as Standard Commercial Roofing & Envelope Solutions including a holistic visual branding effort that re-energized their image while communicating the essence of the timeless values the company embraces
    • Traditional branding efforts included a communications package, team wear and fleet graphics.
    • Print materials graphically supported the brand’s core values and lifted areas of their expertise.
  • Robust digital marketing began with the launch of a new website and has followed with a highly targeted twice-monthly thought leadership blog publishing campaign.
    • email marketing teasing new blog posts with links to the website to read full articles.
    • A targeted LinkedIn campaign that leverages the email database is ongoing.
    • A Google pay-per-click campaign focuses on Target Audiences in industries where Standard has the most experience.


2020 brought a milestone anniversary and a celebratory “75 Years On Top” logo. Strong and bold in keeping with Standard’s brand, the mark has folded into every aspect of the marketing efforts.

A holistic branding effort and website launch recast Standard Roofing as Standard Commercial Roofing & Envelope Solutions to better represent the services Standard had evolved to deliver and reinforce the values the company embraces: Strength, Reliability, Safety, and Service.


  • Marketing Action Plan
  • Branding
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Website Development
  • Graphic Design
  • Photography
  • Content Marketing